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Real-time information powered by open technology 

The biggest healthcare challenge to date is achieving 'true' integrated care through effective sharing of patient data. Yet, with so many silos of information in place, organisations are faced with joining up the multiple strands of care data and delivering it in real-time to the people who need it most.

First generation clinical portals have sought to address this challenge by creating additional data repositories, slow and resource heavy project plans and even larger price tags for their proprietary systems.

Here at ReStart we move at a different pace.

Viper360® is a second generation, real-time information platform that enables organisations to achieve rapid, cost-effective information sharing between healthcare systems across primary, secondary, mental health, community and local authority platforms.

ReStart has a long and proud history of integrating complex operating systems.  We  used that skill set to create the Viper360® portal.

With the Viper360® portal clinicians and healthcare professionals can have a role specific view of patient information from a variety of systems, ensuring they have a rich understanding of any health and social care needs. This enables them to make informed clinical decisions and notify other healthcare providers involved in a patient's care.

With the right data available in real-time, services are used more efficiently. The right care can be planned, delivered and integrated effectively around patients and the wider community.

Each Viper360 project is uniquely mapped and designed for the specific organisation and its operating environment in mind. We have the agility and flexibility to avoid complex and lengthy configuration, giving you exactly what clinical teams and patients need in a format designed to maximise usage and that just makes sense.

Modular simplicity at its best

The Viper360® framework is fully modular and is comprised of a suite of applications and plug-in enhancements that enable a building-block approach to meeting specific organisational or health economy requirements.


Welcome to the second generation

Real-time patient information
With Viper360®, data repositories are a thing of the past.
Viper360® pulls information directly from source systems, enabling a rapid build and satisfying Information Governance requirements. Our real-time solution ensures data is accurate, accessible and can be used to safely make efficient clinical decisions about a patient's care.

Cost neutral roll outs
Our pricing structure means you pay for what we deliver together.
With our fast-paced, phased and modular approach to projects, we help project teams achieve manageable and structured objectives that provide rapid, tangible cost benefits. This leads to well-planned and well-financed future phases across organisations, allowing change to be agile and innovative.

Fast-paced delivery
We don't like to wait to see results, so we don't believe our customers should either.
With a Viper360® project, a phase one delivery can be achieved in six months. We work with project teams to engage early with stakeholders and achieve key deliverables. This approach not only enables the project team to strategically shape further phases of the project roll out, but also ensures the appropriate organisational buy-in for long term success.

Speak to ReStart today to arrange a demonstration and find out how the Viper360® real-time information platform can deliver integrated care throughout your organisation 

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