Stronger together

There’s no doubt that being part of a larger organisation provides benefits such as improved utilisation of resources and technology, as well as streamlined commissioning and more cost-effective care.

However, when trusts have shared ambitions it is patients and communities that benefit from higher quality and better integrated care.


Digital maturity

Accelerate the roll out of digital initiatives that support staff to do their jobs more effectively and prevent patients from repeating the same information.

Paperless NHS

Automate paper forms, workflows and processes to support the NHS paperless target. Reduce errors and drive efficiencies, providing more time for patient care.

Local services

Facilitate collaborative working practices across your sites to improve access to specialist services locally, enabling patients to be treated closer to home.


How IMX can help

Share patient records

Rather than searching for a patient across several systems, IMX provides rapid access to patient information from one location, with a single sign-on.

The IMX Clinical Record enables you to give your clinicians access to the latest test results, previous admissions, appointments, discharge summaries and more to save time and improve decision making, at the point of care.

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Integrate PAS/EPRs

Your merger is likely to involve at least two different patient administration systems which could mean that patients repeat information when moving between hospitals or care settings.

The flexible IMX toolkit can help you in three ways; enable data to pass between the different systems, migrate one trust’s PAS to the neighbouring technology, or upgrade both trusts to a new single PAS/EPR.

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Integration audits

Where one trust is more digitally mature, the other may need a new integration engine to achieve your shared digital objectives. By joining up staff and patients, the merger could increase throughput of clinical messages, putting pressure on legacy systems.

A quick audit of the integration environment is a fast and stress-free way to highlight any problems with security, performance and availability ahead of any merged technology deployments.

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Support clinical alliances

Significant benefits can be achieved by consolidating clinical priorities to form alliances such as cancer and pathology. Bringing together organisations helps coordinate care to improve outcomes for patients locally.

Whether you need a hub and spoke arrangement for your pathology alliance or digital support for cancer pathways, IMX enables you to build an interoperability solution tailored for your trusts, clinicians and the community you care for.

See how we helped Norfolk pathology alliance

Remove bottlenecks

If your merger exposes unreliable data connections or new data sharing requirements, we can help identify bottlenecks and develop robust interfaces through the IMX integration network.

You’ll find an unparalleled technical understanding of system integration across the majority of NHS third party suppliers including InterSystems, EMIS, Cerner and more. And since IMX is technology-agnostic, we help you overcome vendor lock-in to realise benefits quickly and achieve your merger objectives.

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Support and backup

Whether you’re integrating different systems, upgrading or replacing them, we can maintain your existing integration environment 24/7 while you get on with core work.

We provide ITIL compliant support for over 30 NHS trusts covering live and production environments, as well as any test and development environments. With 99.9% uptime, guaranteed response times, and a proactive monitoring system, we monitor the status of your integration platform and the visibility of every message being processed.

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An interoperability partnership for cross-border collaboration​

Read how we helped Bedford Hospital NHS Trust prepare its foundation for data sharing ahead of a merger with Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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