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ReStart visits UKIO in Liverpool

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Interoperability and Diagnostic Imaging – Supporting Clinicians, Partners and Patients with a range of healthcare solutions.

ReStart attends the largest radiology, oncology and imaging conference UKIO in Liverpool this week

ReStart’s pragmatic ‘ground up’ approach to large scale interoperability problems quickly reduces recurring costs and improves digital maturity at an incremental pace.

Over the last 15 years we have worked with more than 70 healthcare organisations as a trusted partner to solve interoperability problems.

We are 100% focused on health and care and have an unrivalled track record of delivery.
Restart has integrated hundreds of diagnostic systems in the NHS already offering a flexible approach to teleradiology and imaging with IMX Cloud based services. Restart can process HL7 and FHIR messages including DICOM, ORU, and ORM messaging easily to NHS Trusts via the Cloud.

The IMX Platform is built on Open Technology principles and:
• Supports interoperability between proprietary systems
• Promotes adoption of and migration to vendor-neutral open standards
• Enables our customers to build solid digital foundations
• Enabling virtual wards, integrated care pathways, and population health
• Present any type of information from any system on-premise or from the Cloud.

Think big. Start small. Scale fast.

Meet Andy Meiner from ReStart on Tuesday 5th July at UKIO by emailing

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