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ReStart’s IMX Interoperability Platform to solve NHS integrated care challenges with the introduction of IMX-IR

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ReStart is pleased to announce the release of the IMX Interoperability Record, IMX-IR, designed to assist Trust and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) digital transformation projects across the NHS.

ReStart is the interoperability partner of choice to over 70 NHS organisations with a 16 year proven history. These organisations have used the IMX Platform to deliver different programmes of work that underpin varying interoperability strategies. The addition of the IMX-IR product will bring interoperable digital care and consistency to any interoperability assignment.

– IMX-IR can help deliver NHS led solutions to support programmes such as:
Trust or ICS mergers
– Providing interoperability between different Shared Care Record systems
– Helping pathology alliances streamline pathways across regions
– Developing dashboards for organisations and regions.

ReStart’s existing IMX Platform provides organisations with the tools and expertise required to deliver any interoperability strategy. Trusts can use the following through the Platform:
– Consultancy
– Integration services
– Integration Environment Support
– And now IMX-IR.

The addition of IMX-IR will enhance the Platform and enable ReStart to support Trusts further, by providing a diverse range of NHS led solutions.

Mike Symers, Managing Director at ReStart, said “Our IMX-IR Interoperability platform offers many different possibilities for the delivery of better patient care within Trusts, ICS’s and other NHS organisations wishing to improve their digital maturity. We offer IMX to decision makers making choices on how to solve NHS demands around integrated care.

The ability to provide solutions to such diverse programmes is a credit to the flexibility of the IMX platform and our staff who are true integration experts. Our belief in ‘Open Technology’ optimises existing software, and recognises there will be proprietary, new and open-source systems co-existing together. It ensures that the customer is consistently able to move towards lower cost solutions.

Irrespective of where the organisation is in terms of digital maturity, we deliver at speed, and in partnership with the customer. Providing independent advice, interface development and NHS led solutions that meet customer needs using IMX.”

Nik Barnes, Associate Clinical Lead at ReStart, says: “When delivering NHS led solutions, using IMX-IR, the architecture used to develop these solutions enables changes to be made to a user interface quickly and easily. Organisations don’t have to wait for a major release but see incremental changes added to a solution constantly which enables quicker delivery and benefits to be realised sooner.”

Your interoperability or integration challenges may be different to the ones outlined here. We are open to all conversations and are happy to work with you.

To find out more about what ReStart can offer your Trust or ICS, visit our website at or book an appointment to meet with Mike Symers, Managing Director of ReStart at Digital Health ReWired on 15-16th March by emailing

About ReStart
ReStart is the UK’s leading integration and interoperability supplier to the NHS.
We’ve worked with over 70 healthcare organisations in delivering integrated care.
We improve patient outcomes and reduce clinical costs. Period.
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