Single source
of truth

Many patients experience a fragmented healthcare journey that involves transitions of care between multiple care settings. To make informed and safe decisions for patients, healthcare professionals and clinicians need access to accurate and reliable data at the point-of-care.

IMX-IR Interoperability Record, provides healthcare professionals from any care setting with a single-source of real-time information to make informed decisions about patient care.


Paperless NHS

Empower your organisation by digitilising patient records to support the NHS paperless strategy to improve efficiencies, infection control and patient care.

Collaborative care

Integrate internal teams and partners, promote collaboration across care settings, and create care records that enable regional sharing.

Efficient interoperability

Unlock value from previous technology investments by using existing systems as the foundation for your clinical record.


See IMX interoperability RECORD in action

Where iS iT used?

NHS Partners
NHS Partners

As soon as a patient registers at hospital – either on a ward or at A&E – that information is available to all departments through the IMX Interoperability Record. The provision of patient history, GP information and results in the IMX Interoperability Record, transforms care and reduces costs by avoiding duplication.

Trusts and CCGs

As trust and CCG mergers streamline commissioning and create consolidated testing alliances, IMX Interoperability Record enables cross-boundary co-operation. Duplicate PAS/EPR and clinical systems do not need to be replaced – the IMX Interoperability Record pulls data from source systems to present at the point of care.

Urgent care

IMX Interoperability Record’s single source of patient data and care plan integration, helps clinicians working in urgent care and triage to have access to the right patient information at the right time. This ensures people get the assessment and help they need faster, preventing escalation and hospital admission.

Primary care

We have pre-built services in the IMX Interoperability Record for NHS Digital’s GP Connect and Healthcare Gateway’s MIG to provide a single source of truth between GP practices, PCNs and secondary care. IMX Clinical Record provides role-based access across primary care to medications, allergies, discharge documents and care plans.

Mental health

IMX Interoperability Record enables mental health and learning disability services to share information with primary and secondary care, emergency services and local authorities. This prevents patients repeating information for each service intervention and reduces risk

Social & community

IMX Interoperability Record provides a foundation for joined up service provision to minimise the danger of at-risk individuals falling through the gaps between organisations and transfers of care. Bi-directional data flows can provide clinicians with vital insight into a patient’s social and care background.

Voluntary & hospice care

Eliminate telephone conversations and paper-based records for checking patient information, by presenting a patient’s history in the IMX Interoperability Record. Give staff access to view the data they need, in the format they need it, improving productivity and releasing more time for care.

Local authorities

Track health trends and identify at risk groups. IMX Interoperability Record can provide a source of population health data and longitudinal statistics to support effective planning as well as social prescribing and non-clinical initiatives.

Who uses IMX-IR interoperability REcord?

The patient data provided by IMX-IR is the first port of call for numerous health and care staff, from administrators and receptionists to nurses, consultants and registrars. It is delivering real-time patient data to services including paediatrics, pharmacy, emergency care, occupational therapy and more.

What is IMX-IR used for?

Everything! It is a great way of looking at letters / booked appointments both past and future / results/ requesting of tests. It is much faster than having to have different windows open as we did in the past.

Consultant Gastroenterologist

What is IMX-IR record used for?

1. Seeing an overall picture of the patient – most of the information needed is in one place
2. Checking patient appointments (past, future)
3. Looking at reports and letters
4. Looking at x-ray images (e.g. MRI, Videofluoroscopy)

Speech and Language Therapist​

What is IMX-IR​ used for?

To access clinic letters and other patient notes, mostly for pre-operative assessment

Consultant Anaesthetics

What is IMX-IR used for?

To check notes from clinic visits and appointments to try and find out about why medicines have been started or stopped, or doses changed. Also sometimes to find out a diagnosis to check and see if the treatment is correct and follows local policy. To check blood results and see when patients are due to be seen again in clinic. To check phone number/contact details for patients.


IMx-IR Features


Use our intuitive user interface or design specific to your users.

in one place

View letters, medications, appointments, scans, care plans.

Update once,
share immediately

Bi-directional data flow across settings in real-time.


Restrict which users can see what information with role-based controls.


Quick and easy to add new data sources when you’re ready.


Built with open technology to integrate any system or embed within.