How we can Help You

Pragmatic technical scoping

You may have documented your future interoperability estate or are just starting on the journey. Our consultants can help validate your requirements from a technical perspective or work with you to scope out your needs.

Through workshops, interviews and source code reviews, we’ll establish a comprehensive set of requirements that will drive your integration architecture, system design, implementation and testing, to achieve your interoperability goals.

Integration health check/audit

Good technical consulting is not all about adopting the latest technology. Most organisations across health and care have hundreds of systems, many of which that have been around for a long time i.e. legacy tech.

We help you assess the availability, security and resilience of your integration environments to get the most out of existing systems and to ensure you have solid foundations on which to build your data sharing strategy.

Solid business case

We understand healthcare and we know technology. Our consultants can help ensure your business case contains a clear link between the technical functionality of your digital strategy, and benefits realisation and return on investment.

We help you unlock the value of interoperability within your organization and across care settings, with transparent risk analysis and tangible results.

Future-proofed architecture design

You’re almost certain to have a mix of legacy systems, complex existing integrations and new best of breed applications.

Our practical approach means that we work with you to define an architecture that works with existing systems to make sure you’re getting the most out of them, whilst leveraging new technology. Your interoperability ambition costs less to build, and can be scaled quickly and easily.

Realistic delivery plans

Deploying new technology is a significant undertaking within health and care; there is no room for delay or error. That’s why our project managers help plan your deployment using a phased approach to ensure minimal disruption to the delivery of care.

Our recommendations produce the fastest route at the lowest risk. We maintain your existing estate, while enabling the rapid development of the desired strategy. We ensure you retain the highest availability and performance at all times.

Business continuity

When critical decisions about patient health rely on the efficient flow of data, you need processes in place to ensure there is no disruption to service.

Our technical consultants can help you identify any potential points of weakness in your interoperability estate. We’ll make recommendations for ensuring that any backup or mirroring solutions are robust and fit for purpose and automatically manage any unplanned downtime.

Impartial advice

We are wholly technology and supplier-agnostic. ReStart has integrated over 150 different IT systems across the health and care; from GP data and hospital applications to mental health and social care systems.

Our consultants can help you find the right solution for your needs. As the UK’s leading integration provider, you can be confident that our advice remains impartial at all times. Search our integration network.

Need a helping hand?

Download our data sharing checklist to see where you might need help with your interoperability. 

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