We are the leading integration and interoperability supplier to healthcare providers across the UK. We've worked with over 80 healthcare organisations in delivering integrated care. We improve patient outcomes and reduce clinical costs. Period


We are specialists in interoperability, data migration, systems integration and data security working to ensure efficient best practices and improved outcomes.


At ReStart, our expertise spans a broad spectrum of interoperability, encompassing a wide range of standards and protocols including HL7, FHIR, and beyond. We excel in data migration, systems integration, and data security, always aiming to implement efficient best practices that drive enhanced outcomes.


We take the time to truly understand our partners: their infrastructure, ways of working, and preferences around customer and client communications. With this insight, we craft tailored models, commercials, and collaborative methods that resonate with their unique needs.


As a ReStart partner, you benefit from our unwavering commitment to delivery excellence. Our team provides consistent technical consultations, troubleshooting, and meticulous project management. We’re here to ensure your projects not only meet but exceed your aspirations.


Technical & Project Management Benefits

  • Dedicated sales and technical resources
  • Regular update meetings to keep projects moving
  • Valuable one-on-one access to technical support
  • Access to a dedicated team of interoperability and technical specialist with years of healthcare experience
  • Exclusive access to our Partnership network

Every single team member shapes the quality of our solutions and the experience you receive. Our technical knowledge sets us apart, coupled with our understanding of the NHS.

We are located in Exeter, Devon and deliver all the projects ourselves, ensuring the quality of our work and are here to help, 24/7.

“Data is the life blood of any health care organisation and getting immediate and complete access is crucial to better decision making. To do that successfully, we are very pleased to be working alongside ReStart to help accelerate the data transformation needed.”

Matthew Cox, Managing Director of Better for the UK and Ireland

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