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Technical decisions play a critical role in the success of any organisation. At ReStart, we offer technical consultancy services to help you make informed decisions and assess the technical feasibility of your plans.

Our focus is health and care. Having worked with the NHS for 20 years, our experienced team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of interoperability, systems integration, best practices, international standards, and technologies.

Using our broad range of experience, skills, and solutions we provide an independent analysis of the associated business risks and offer precise advice to help solve any technical issues you may be facing.


ReStart can act as your interoperability partner helping you to identify and validate your requirements and scope out your needs.


Our ground-up approach means that we work with you to leverage the value of your existing systems alongside new technology.


We assess the availability, security and resilience of your information and infrastructure to ensure that you have a solid base upon which to build your interoperability strategy.



We evaluate the impact of every aspect, from business functions to systems capabilities and operations. Working together, we develop comprehensive and actionable plans to optimize systems and operations capabilities.


Our proactive monitoring and alert support services offers additional peace of mind if you are undertaking a significant digital transformation. 


We can assess the availability, security and resilience of your information and infrastructure to ensure that you have a solid base to build your interoperability strategy.


our consultancy expertise

We bring you wide-ranging experience from industry veterans and healthcare system experts, along with rigorous standards and protocol capabilities and pragmatic business mindsets, to identify and solve complex business problems.

Integrated Team Approach

Our “integrated team” approach ensures a good fit with customer teams while ensuring effective execution and on-time, within-budget results.

Real-World Experience

Our consultants have served in leadership positions at leading healthcare organisations. Their perspective comes from real-world experience.

Strategy to Implementation

Our healthcare consulting services are backed by comprehensive technology, data and analytics capabilities through our proficiencies and platforms.

Smart Delivery Plan

We help you make sure there is minimal disruption, with a phased approach where necessary.  We always recommend the faster route with the lowest cost, whilst maintaining your existing estate. 

Impartial Advice

Our values are dedicated to open technology principles, meaning we are technology and vendor agnostic. So we will always make sure the right technology, is matched with the right solution and the right budget, no matter what our customers interests come first.

One of the challenges was a tight deadline. ReStart was excellent at managing the process and ensuring we went live on time.

Paul Savage, Project Manager, Digital Programmes, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

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