Interoperability Challenges Being faced by the NHS.

With Integrated Care Systems (ICS) becoming legal entities the new organisations must now knit technology and data together in a coherent way to enable trusts to merge, share data, create virtual wards, care pathways, hit KPI’s and meet mandatory requirements.

Interoperability is a key component in making disparate systems talk together within the NHS. It is also essential for integrated, effective, efficient and safe delivery of care. The recent “Data Saves Lives” strategy included a recommendation to have integrated care systems that are “interoperable by default.”

But how to do this with finite resources and the need to meet statutory guidelines along the way?

Understand the key challenges being faced by ICS’s right now in bringing together data, technology, processes and people across the new ICS structures.  Learn about the key elements required to plan and deliver an interoperability strategy for an ICS and about the services and solutions available.

Hear from South London and Maudsley who have used interoperability to create a new Point of Care process to forge a world first in testing patients using a new finger prick blood process. Understand how interoperability at South London and Maudsley (SLaM) benefits their organisation using Artificial Intelligence and population data to fine tune patient care and deliver outcomes.
We will hear from two NHS CIO’s who are expert practitioners in data management and follow up with a live Q&A.

Join this webinar to learn:
– Understand the main interoperability challenges being faced by ICS’s today.
– Why is interoperability important to ICS’s right now
– What does Open Technology mean?
– How to create an Interoperability Strategy – Or The 3 x P’s – Plan, Platform, Partner.
– Understand how interoperability at South London and Maudsley (SLaM) benefits their organisation
– A World First Point of Care process in use at SLaM uses integration and analysis to improve patient outcomes and preserve time and money.
– Understand the interoperability services and solutions available to assist ICSs through the Digital Maturity journey.

Register for the webinar on Friday 25th Nov 12.30-13.30pm