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A Better Partnership to enhance patient safety with Electronic Prescribing and Medication Administration (ePMA)

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Better Meds is an electronic prescribing and medication administration solution (ePMA) for the NHS.  We work with Better to configure, install, and integrate Better Meds with your existing workflows, PAS/EPR and other clinical and pharmacy systems.

Bring collaboration, efficiency and decision support to medication  management and enhance patient safety today.

How we can help

MDT Collaboration

Better Meds supports multidisciplinary coordination between doctors, pharmacists and nurses by providing doctors with safer electronic medication prescribing supported by prompt feedback from pharmacists. With the help of a clear medication overview, nursing staff no longer have to contend with illegible prescriptions and doses.

Improve efficiency

With integrated decision support, allergy and interactions checking and definitions of standard treatment Better Meds ensures faster access to the right medications and fewer prescribing errors. Moving away from paper prescribing and administration leads to less missed doses and chart rewrites, saving prescribing time and improving the accuracy of
discharge prescriptions.

Guaranteed performance

Our experience across all major integration engines, healthcare message formats, standards and protocols, means we streamline the addition of Better Meds to your existing
integration environment. Our integration architects understand your requirements and configure your solution to act as a coherent whole.

Benefits of Better Meds and ReStart partnership

  • reduce prescribing errors
  • save time & money
  • accurate discharges
  • stock management
  • trend & analysis reports
  • define custom warnings
  • intuitive user interface
  • comprehensive training
  • 24/7 support

Better Meds Key Features

  • clinical decision support
  • prepared order sets
  • medicine reconciliation
  • advanced pharmacist review
  • antimicrobial stewardship
  • built in paracetamol rule
  • titration support
  • mental health scenarios
  • simple intuitive interface
  • configurable dm+d drug database

The Better partnership with ReStart ensures that trusts can move forward with their digital plans and connect across a whole health and care ecosystem.

For efficient ePMA integration get in touch or download the brochure


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