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A new brand that echoes the service and support we deliver

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The NHS is promoting even greater sharing of data to help manage the ongoing pandemic and backlog of everyday patient care. It is more important than ever that health and care organisations have a technical foundation to futureproof their systems to share data better – allowing data in organisations and clinical systems to connect, to improve patient outcomes.

A new interoperability solution for the health & care market

To echo the NHS interoperability priority, and the professional service and support we give to our customers (round the clock) we have updated our brand identity. Our company name is staying the same, ReStart, and we are introducing a new interoperability solution to the healthcare market, ReStart’s Interoperability Matrix (IMX):

  • to help the NHS overcome the challenges they face with interoperability
  • by prioritising what’s most important and helping get the most from existing investments
  • to futureproof technical foundations, and accelerate digital maturity
  • to share any data across any care setting with an interoperable toolkit
IMX Matrix

You will see the new ReStart brand identity in our software, online presence and customer communications. All our existing contact details will remain the same. We will be sharing new free resources to help you assess where you are on your digital journey, and give you expert advice on best practice to share data better.

Understanding where you are on your digital journey, and how that helps with digital maturity, present questions as simple as: “Where should we start?” “How do we keep data flowing?” “How can we make patient data visible from any system?” “How do we realise clinical efficiencies?” “How do we share data safely and successfully? “Who needs to see what information? “What does success look like?” “What technology do we need?” “How long is the deployment process? “How much will it cost?”

These questions may be simple to ask, but how can you be confident you have all the answers?

ReStart is excelling by operating at the core of the interoperability space in the NHS. We are helping customers share any data across any care setting, regardless of where they are in their digital journey.

Faster access to patient information

The ReStart team has also been hard at work implementing a new user interface, in the IMX Clinical Record, demonstrating our commitment to open technology in the NHS.

IMX Clinical Record used to provide front-line staff with even faster access to real-time patient information, with bi-directional flows of data. The ReStart team has improved the architecture to enable more rapid deployment for adding additional systems and datasets, allowing clinicians to access data through the record to provide a single source of truth for patient information.

Need help with your interoperability now?

For help assessing the interoperability level of your organisation, talk to an expert today on 01392 363888 or email


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We’d love your feedback going forward. Please email us with any marketing or communication contacts that would appreciate a more detailed update, and we will include them in our future communications.


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