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How we can Help…


Our integration developers build hundreds of interfaces to connect your clinical data. We support all healthcare message formats, standards and protocols including FHIR, HL7, XML, API’s and many more.

We also help our customers configure their applications (integration engines, PAS/EPRs, document management) to better suit their needs. 


We help you evaluate and plan the structural design of your integration environment.

We recommend a logical strategy to get the most from existing systems to ensure your integration estate is futureproofed for your interoperability plans.

Upgrades and migrations

We can help upgrade or migrate all major clinical platforms including PAS/EPR, LIMS, RIS and integration engines. Whether they have become unstable, unsupported or no longer fit for your clinicians’ needs, our experts will help you devise a plan to meet your outcomes.



Whether you need a migration, upgrade or want to consolidate systems, we’ll carry out a thorough health check to ensure your estate is resilient and interoperable.

Our experienced consultants will provide a detailed report highlighting risks to security, “always on” availability and performance.


We can unpick complex environments to reverse engineer or redesign your integration solutions.

We ensure documentation reflects your exact functionality today, and make it easier to maintain in the future.


You’ll find over 150 product integrations across the healthcare ecosystem in our unique network. Across a spectrum of settings from primary care, e-prescribing or cloud technology, choose from our accredited partners.

We also help configure, upgrade and support partner products in your interoperability environment.

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